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Basic USAF AMMO IYAAYAS Pisspot Outdoor Mat
Christopher Ahl (Las Vegas, US)
A welcome I can understand

Now you know where you’re at!

A Bullseye for my wall!

Love it, I was tempted to go bigger but this was definitely the perfect size!

Love AMMO Gear

Love this shirt it's thicker but very comfortable!


The new PUNISHER decal is very nice

AMMO over the top

Best shirt, colors stand out, received several comments (positive). Sizes are true to size.

Great Purchase!

Very pleased with the feel & fit of this AMMO Fire Tribal shirt! Thanks...IYAAYAS!

Picture of plaque

Here is a picture of my SSgt sign

Awesome...looks great!

I am a Papa and my AMMO nickname is Papa Bear

Love this shirt it's better in Fall/Winter gear but that's fine.

Womens Hawaiin shirts

This is a great shirt lovely colors and definitely helps the wife standout. More purchasing to come. They are also quite cool in the desert heat of Las Vegas Summers.

Great Product Selection!

Ordered two shirts, both look great in person and fit to spec. I'll be back for more.

Awesome mug

I left my original mug at Travis AFB when I got out of Active Duty in 95 by mistake. I’ve shelved my other mugs. I actually got the bigger mug which I actually like better than the original size. My wife has never been associated with USAF AMMO except by me. She even likes all my AMMO stuff.

Gpa -AMMO Vet

Awesome shirt! Great design!

USAF AMMO GI Joe Style Logo IYAAYAS Mens T-Shirt
James BACCHi (Browns Mills, US)

Awesome shirt, great logo and outstanding quality. I will be buying more! Highly recommended!

Ammo Chief shirt

Awesome shirt made with great quality. Highly recommend!


The plaque is way better in person


The SSGT plaque is better than described


Another Satisfied Customer!

Awesome Shirt

What an awesome shirt. Absolutely love it.

Awesome Shirt

This is a flipping awesome shirt absolutely Love it even though my wife wasn’t married to me while AMMO she love the shirt. Debating wether to get her one.

Light, comfy and breathable Love it

Sea Life AMMO Hawaiian Shorts
Christopher Ahl (Las Vegas, US)
Great Addition

These AMMO Board shorts are comfortable and breath well. The color and design are excellent!

Party Shirt

Love my Hawaiian AMMO shirt. Not only was I able to order a Woman's shirt, but the Chief head design is a woman. GREAT JOB...Wearing to the next big get together...expect more orders!

Thanks Chief for asking for some women's AMMO Hawaiian shirts. There are several different ones to choose from now, thanks to you. I am glad that you liked yours. Free advertising is always appreciated. IYAAYAS!