About Us


After retiring as an AMMO troop of 24 years from the U.S. Air Force in 2014, I started learning graphic design to occupy my time and gain a new skill. As my skills and designs improved, friends and family asked me if I could put them onto shirts for them. I did the research and figured out how to do it. Having the ability to figure out, solve or fix problems is just one of the many skills that all of us as AMMO troops walk away from the AF having mastered. I then began selling my designs online through a variety of Print-On-Demand (POD) platforms.


Being an AMMO troop, I thought, maybe I should take a stab at making some AMMO specific designs. So I started making my own unique AMMO designs - mostly ones that did not already exist. In 2017, I even partnered with Amazon for nearly a year and was selling AMMO related clothing (and non-AMMO related stuff too) on their platform via their Amazon Merch program. I was doing pretty well. After a falling out over some of their terms of service policies in 2018, I decided it was time to become independent and venture out on my own and start my own brand and product line. It was later that same year that AMMO Pisspot IYAAYAS Gear was born.


Being the sole business owner, I run and manage all aspects of the business. That includes: conceptualizing and making every design, running the website, choosing the products, uploading the designs and populating the product information/details, handling customer service and regularly procuring new products.


I work directly with several different print partners that integrate directly with my site/business. I have cultivated a relationship with companies that I can trust and rely on to produce, and ship my amazing products to my customers. I believe that if my customers are happy, my business thrives and grows. This results in a satisfying exchange of goods and services between both parties. It also promotes the chance for my business to grow through a multitude of continuously satisfied, loyal and repeat customers.


Everything I make has the attention to detail and forethought one would expect from a dedicated AMMO troop poured into every design. I choose great quality products to put my designs on so that my customers get high quality and comfortable products rather than skimping or using cheap blank shirts just to make a few extra bucks for myself. In the rare event that there is a problem with any of your purchases, I will make it right.


If you have any questions, my site is full of answers - especially in the "About" section of the main menu and in the footer menu as well. You can always contact me at any time if you have questions, suggestions, concerns or new design ideas through my "Contact Us" page. Email is the best method as I am living in another part of the world, but, will get back to you within 24 hours - in most cases, much sooner.


Check out what we have to offer and our reviews by other customers just like you. There is a multitude of great products available with more being added on a regular basis.


I look forward to doing business with each and every one of you that visit my site!


Kind Regards and IYAAYAS!


Tim Holland
Owner, AMMO Pisspot IYAAYAS Gear