Do I need an account to make an order? 

Signing up for an account is not necessary; however, doing so keeps you updated with your order history and tracking information, as well as our newsletter and special promotions when they become available. We will be offering promotions that will be specifically for “followers” and registered users. 

Also, by having an account, you can log in and view your orders and add your favorite items to your wishlist. 

What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept all major credit cards (American Express, Visa and MasterCard) in addition to PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Please note that registration is not required in order to place an order through PayPal Express Checkout. Additionally, note that Apple Pay may be deactivated for particular product releases. 

What is the status of my order? 

Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email receipt or SMS message (based on the information you provided) confirming your order. Following this, we will provide you with another shipping confirmation email or SMS message (including tracking information) once the order has been manufactured, packaged and handed over to the carrier. 

Additionally, if you create an account, you can login at any time and track your orders there as well. 

If there is an issue with tracking or receiving info relating to your order, you can contact us via our Contact Us page under “About” on the main menu or via our contact info at the bottom of our site. 

I just placed an order, can I modify or cancel it? 

To request a modification or cancellation to your order, please contact us at support@ammopisspotiyaayasgear.com as soon as possible. However, before contacting us, be advised that once the product(s) go into production with our print partners, all sales are final and not eligible for modification, cancellation. 

What type of shipping options are available? 

As a standard policy, we offer fixed rate standard shipping. The cost is calculated on the last page of the checkout. It is based on the type and quantity of items within your cart and based on set shipping rates with our print providers. If your cart consists of multiple items, and they are manufactured at different locations, your order may come in more than one shipment. You will however receive email or SMS messages with shipping confirmation and tracking for each shipment coming your way. 

We do not offer expedited shipping as a normal option because the rates are not fixed and are calculated based on shipping method and desired speed costs that given moment. If you would like expedited shipping, you should notify us once you place the order via an email to: support@ammopisspotiyaayasgear.com. This will require an additional payment to me via PayPal once I have contacted my print partner and verified what the additional cost above standard shipping is. In most cases, it is usually quite a bit more than standard shipping. 

What are your normal production and shipping times? 

Most of our products are manufactured in the U.S. with only a few exceptions (some hoodies and Hawaiian shirts). Most items are manufactured within 3 - 5 business days and shipped with our standard shipping that usually takes between 3 - 5 business days to arrive. During busy holiday seasons (popular U.S. federal and national holidays), the production times tend to get a bit extended due to higher order volume being produced by our manufacturers. 

For items that are not manufactured in the U.S. the production and shipping times take a bit longer. For those products that this applies to, it is stated in the product description that they are made abroad and what their estimated production/shipping times are. If the description does not specify, the above standard times for U.S. manufactured products applies. 

Where are your orders manufactured and shipped from? 

Most of our products are made in the U.S. at one of several print partner facilities. We do have a few items (some hoodies, Hawaiian shirts) that are made abroad. If they are made abroad, it is stated in the product description along with estimated production/shipping times. 

Can you support bulk orders? 

It depends on the quantity and urgency of need. For these type of orders it is better to contact us in advance to discuss the quantity, item and when you need them by prior to placing this type of order. 

Do you offer personalization or variations on your designs? 

We do not have functionality for customers to go in and customize our product designs, but, I am able to customize them manually (add names, make some changes etc.). Once changed to your satisfaction, a manual order can be placed in these cases to accommodate. 

What is your privacy policy? 

None of your personal information will be shared outside of our order processing system with any third party by AMMO Pisspot IYAAYAS Gear. 

Where can I find sizing information? 

For apparel items, it is either the last image for the product or it can be found in the product description. For non-clothing items, it is stated as one of the purchase variant options and just below each product image (both on collection and individual product pages). 

Can your items be delivered as a gift? 

Unfortunately, we cannot support these requests. The shipping address can be changed to deliver it to someone else, but, the invoices will show the cost information. In most cases, even with a change in shipping address, it will still show who paid for it in the form of a receipt. 

How often are new designs uploaded? 

New design ideas are being created on a regular basis and are uploaded fairly frequently. Uploading quality designs is a priority, so, as often as a new idea can be conceived, created and uploaded, it is. Check back often. 

If you have any idea that you would like to put on one of our products, you can submit via our Contact Us page by filling out the form and submitting it for our review. We will get in contact with you. 

How can I submit a custom design request or idea? 

If you go to "About" on the main menu and select "Contact Us" from the dropdown, you can submit your requests to us there. If your request involves sample idea images as attachments, you can send those to us via email to: contact@ammopisspotiyaayasgear.com and please make your Subject: Design Request(s). We will get back in touch with you fairly quickly. 

These are always welcome because it helps save brain cells on this end by having to come up with all of ideas. In addition, if your idea is deemed to have potential, you may even get it put on an item and sent to you for free. 

What are your return, exchange and refund policies? 

We have official policies for each of these as part of our store's platform that can be viewed from the footer menu and through links within the cart during checkout. Below is a brief summary of these policies as it relates to our items: 

Returns: All of our items are custom made Print On Demand. Simply stated, that means that they do not exist on a shelf or rack anywhere until an order is placed and they are then manufactured according to customer specifications (design, color, size etc..). With this being the case, we cannot and do not accept returns as we have no way to accept or store them. 

Exchanges: Normally, as a rule, we do not offer to exchange an item if it solely due to a change or heart or deciding it is no longer wanted/needed. We do however offer to send a replacement to you an no extra charge if you receive a defective item (ripped, torn etc.) or in the unlikely event you received an item that was not the correct size, color or even design that you ordered. This will involve a bit of proof in the form of order info and photos showing what was wrong or defective with your order item. 

Refunds: In the event that you placed an order and you did not receive an item(s), or it is defective or not what you ordered, a full refund can be issued. This will involve a bit of proof for wrong/defective items received in the form of order info and photos showing what was wrong or defective with your item. We have full access to order delivery tracking information on all orders. In the event an item never makes it to it's destination (extremely rare), we can verify this. If it is verified that a reasonable amount of time has passed and the shipping company cannot resolve this issue, a refund can be issued for the affected item(s) in full.